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Apartments from developer
in sunny Alanya

Ever dreamed of living by the Mediterranean coast?
We make your dreams come true

Yenisey is engaged in building modern residential complexes by the sea and offers the unlimited after-sale service to its clients who are rightfully considered to be part of the Yenisey family.

from the president
of Yenisey company

Benefits of living in Turkey

Достоинства #01

Favourable subtropical climate and unique location surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Taurus Mountains on the other.

Достоинства #02

The vibrant culture and invaluable historical heritage combined with the best resorts of the European quality give an authentic and exquisite feeling of life and leisure.

Достоинства #03

The great economic potential and active development of every business segment of the state promise bright future for foreign investors here and now.

Достоинства #04

Easy registration of a residence permit and opening a bank account when buying real estate from a Turkish developer or a secondary housing.

Достоинства #05

The advanced level of medicine rightfully considered one of the best in the world. You can easily obtain insurance and enjoy the full service range.

Достоинства #06

Affordable cost of living: utilities, food and everyday products, medicines and services.

Why buying property in Alanya is a good choice

Alanya is an authentic resort city on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey with an incredible atmosphere where the oriental flavour marries with the European standard of living.

This place is destined to be one of the most promising in the country and combines all the benefits of high-level recreation and living: unique climate with 300 sunny days a year, impeccable service, well-developed infrastructure, and friendly locals.

Travellers and residents enjoy a year-round vacation: by the sea in the warm season and at the new ski resort in the mountains near the city in winter. Not to speak of fascinating shopping tours, plenty of entertainment to every taste, fancy restaurants of world and national cuisine, cosy cafés, high-quality beaches, sports centres, vibrant night clubs, qualified medical centres, as well as a variety of first-class educational establishments (including kindergartens, schools and universities with the possibility of studying in Russian).

Benefit Icon #01

Convenient flight connection with many cities in the CIS countries through two nearby airports in Antalya and Alanya.

The average flight duration from Russia or Ukraine to Antalya or Alanya is 2 to 4 hours.

Alanya Resort offers European level of comfort and service, while prices are 60 % cheaper than in Europe.

Benefit Icon #02

Low utility rates and Aidat that includes payment for the residential complex maintenance (from EUR 10 depending on the complex level).

Average increase in prices for the real estate market is up to 7% per year, while the global average is 2.7 %.

Low taxation (annual tax of 0.2% of cadastral value) and no paperwork costs.

Benefit Icon #03

Low interest rates on mortgages in EUR or USD. Buying an apartment in Alanya from a developer, you can get a mortgage with a Turkish bank for up to 50 % of the assessed value of the property at 11-13 % per annum for an average period of up to 10 years.

Good return on investment in case of renting out apartments, regular passive income.

Simple transaction execution and quick receipt of documents of real estate title (3 days on average).

Everything is perfect if a place is perfect!

Yenisey RC Advantages

Our residential complexes combine impeccable architectural forms and a high level of amenities and comfort. We are ready to give our clients everything they wish for and offer our steady benefits:

Advantage Icon #01

200 m distance to the sea

Advantage Icon #02

Developed internal and external infrastructure

Advantage Icon #03

Guaranteed high-quality standards

Advantage Icon #04

Professional management and service

Advantage Icon #06

All inclusive: satellite TV, internet, video doorphone

Advantage Icon #07

Uninterrupted power supply (a generator unit), 24/7 security

Станислав и Ольга


Друзья! Сбылась моя Мечта жить в солнечном городе на берегу тёплого моря. Более двух лет назад я приняла решение жить в комфортной, уютной квартире компании застройщика Енисей в городе Аланья. На протяжении всего этого времени я ни разу не пожалела о своем выборе. Потому что я получила больше, чем домашний комфорт и уют. Меня окружают внимание, забота, приветливость сотрудников компании. Я счастлива, что нахожусь в дружной семье Енисей, с которой никогда не бывает скучно. Добро пожаловать в нашу семью Енисей!!! Вы получите здесь всё, о чём мечтаете!

Семья Московчук

Когда встал вопрос о покупке недвижимости в Турции, пересмотрев много разных вариантов, случайно наткнулись на офис компании застройщика “Yenisey” и решили зайти. Очень доброжелательные сотрудники  ответили на все интересующие нас вопросы, рассказали очень подробно о дальнейшем оформлении документов и получении ВНЖ на территории Турции. Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту позволил нам без проблем общаться со специалистом отдела продаж строительной компания “Yenisey” - Анастасией. Общение оказалось очень продуктивным, и мы решили посмотреть имеющиеся на рынке недвижимости предложения от компании “Yenisey”. Качество предлагаемого жилья, планировка, использование очень качественных материалов, бытовая техника одного из лучших мировых производителей приятно нас удивили. Мы сразу поняли, что это наша квартира и больше смотреть другие варианты не имеет смысла, потому что “Yenisey” - это номер 1 в соотношении цена-качество. Кроме того нам были предложены очень выгодные условия сделки - это беспроцентная рассрочка и помощь в оформлении документов на получение ВНЖ. Так в лице строительной компании “Yenisey”,  мы обрели надёжного партнёра и друга, к сотрудникам которого обращаемся и сейчас по разным вопросам, например к Анастасии, которая настоящий  профессионал своего дела и просто добрый и отзывчивый человек. Мы ни на секунду не пожалели, что сделали такой выбор, чего и всем желаем!

Jessica and Ralf

We want to say big thanks to construction company “Yenisey” for being very careful and professional with their clients. I and my husband wanted to buy a property in Turkey, and we’ve got a few trips there to do so, but we’ve faced an agents and agencies who’s tried to get more commission for themselves always. Sometimes we’ve seen the same property by a different price depends on the broker and it was quite sad knowing that we are just a source of money for them. We wanted to buy in quiet but fulfilled place and to have a comfortable stay while coming to Turkey and, also, to get a profit from giving the property to lease while out. We've found all in “Yenisey Residence” from construction company “Yenisey”. They provided us with full support and only one price for sure. Now we’ve got a friendship with a company and we’re very happy that we’ve found them.

Best regards,
Jessica and Ralf Mairons


Мы с семьей купили квартиру в замечательном комплексе Резиденс несколько лет назад и очень довольны нашим выбором! Спасибо г-ну Омеру за его честность и поддержку во всём! Они сделали нам вид на жительство, всегда внимательны к просьбам и пожеланиям! Рекомендуем всем свои друзьям! После стольких лет мы с уверенностью говорим – это лучший застройщик в Аланье! Спасибо!


Хотели с семьей переехать в Анталию, но в процессе поиска там недвижимости наткнулись на строительную компанию Енисей. Решили попробовать посмотреть на Аланью и Махмутлар и квартиры этой компании, так как нас привлекло то, что это непосредственно сам застройщик и еще они предлагали ознакомительный тур, что, конечно, было удобно – не искать жилье на время поиска, не искать такси из аэропорта и т.д.

Когда приехали, нас встретили, разместили в шикарных апартаментах, провели экскурсию по городу, и нам понравилось в Махмутларе больше, чем в Анталии. Есть все необходимое и все для развлечения, но при этом тихо, спокойно, чисто, красиво и много русских соседей и русскоговорящего персонала в магазинах, кафе и аптеках. Скучно нам здесь не бывает. А про красоту и качество квартир и жилых комплексов Енисей вообще можно много говорить. Еще привлекло то, что есть русская школа, чего нет в Анталии. В общем, купили с радостью у них квартиру. Компания обеспечила полное сопровождение и помощь с документами, переоформлением и прочим. Помогли устроить ребенка в школу, получить вид на жительство и всегда подсказывают на тему жизни здесь все это время, приглашают в гости и проводят праздничные мероприятия. Живем здесь уже третий год и очень рады. Спасибо Енисей за заботу и внимание!

С уважением

Yenisey Benefits

Yenisey&Yaparli Construction Company is the leading developer in the region.

Our projects have attracted a great number of buyers from all over the world, allowing Yenisey to take the lead among construction companies in Alanya. We have earned our reputation through hard work, meticulous accuracy, constant learning and use of new building technologies.

The implementation of large construction projects requires clear-cut workflow organisation, a tight-knit team, highly qualified specialists and in-house production facilities. The invaluable field experience and impressive portfolio of completed projects are yet another advantage of the company that fully demonstrates our competence.

Excellence Image
We love what we do and want to make your dreams come true today.
We put our hearts in every project, building housing with love for our future clients.
Yenisey is much more than a house!
Yenisey – much more than a house!
Excellence Icon #01

The undisputed regional leader

  • one of the leading developers in Alanya,
  • impeccable reputation among both clients and partners,
  • win-win investment security
Excellence Icon #02

Financial independence

  • The developer owns the land for building,
  • residential complexes are built at the developr's expense only
Excellence Icon #03

Comprehensive support

  • full legal support of the transaction and paperwork;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit, any social issues, adaptation and arrangement
Excellence Icon #04

High building technologies

  • the latest EU certified building technologies,
  • high-quality materials, antibacterial wall paint, external moisture protection,
  • 5-year warranty on interior furnishing, 10-year warranty on façade works
Excellence Icon #05

Impeccable service

  • In-house professional management offering high-quality service,
  • sale of turnkey apartments with designer decoration,
  • furniture, appliances and interiors, free after-sale service
Excellence Icon #06

Loyal payment system

  • we consider every win-win payment method and select the most suitable one for you,
  • up to 24 months interest-free installment for finished complexes,
  • mortgage lending

New publications

Quality real estate from the developer in Alanya

The Mediterranean coast of Turkey not only is a sunny paradise perfectly suited for a good quality living and comfortable vacation but also a unique place for profitable investment in real estate for foreigners.

The seashore hosts some of the most popular resorts that have become renowned worldwide in recent years — Antalya, Alanya and their administrative districts.

It is Alanya and its surroundings (Mahmutlar, Avsallar, Konakli, Tosmur, Kestel, etc.) that attract many potential buyers most, since they have all the advantages of living and recreation:

Favorable climate conditions provide the sun and warm weather almost all year round. The crystal clear azure sea and unique landscape will definitely impress you. Lots of natural and historical sights fascinate with their grandeur.

The public authorities protect all the historical, cultural and natural heritage objects in every possible way, preserving their original forms.

The resort territory is being actively built up and developed.

Given the economic growth of the country, investment in the construction sector and acquisition of residential or commercial property are more than tempting. A wide choice of new-built property at a very attractive price.

Excellent quality of residential complexes planned up to the smallest detail: from the construction technology and modern materials to land improvement, beautification and arrangement of infrastructure.

Excellence Image

How to buy an apartment from the developer in Alanya?

Personal success is proved by the results in work and wide opportunities for improving life.

In the modern world, the elements of success not only include a good job, brilliant career, family and home but also property abroad.

That is why many successful people choose Alanya with its high-quality square meters and a variety of projects in the market, from secondary housing to no-chain options.

Image 01
Image 02

This is why purchasing a housing from the developer in Turkey is popular:

Development companies offer buying new apartments at the construction stage to save a lot of money, usually giving several convenient payment options for a client to choose from: mortgage lending and interest-free installments.

Buying an apartment in Alanya without intermediaries is also beneficial as it ensures direct agreement with a seller. It means that a buyer will deal with the first person providing additional safety of investment.

Yenisey Corporation is a developer with extensive experience in the successful implementation of construction projects. We know how to make your dreams of prosperity abroad come true and we will make your life in Turkey brighter and richer.

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