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About Yenisey Construction Company

Yenisey Construction Company was founded in 2006.  
Over the years, we have proven our reliability and developed an excellent reputation thanks to the expertise and quality of construction.  
Yenisey Holding is widely known in the southern region of Turkey. A variety of projects, price range and, of course, ecologically clean area and beautiful nature of Alanya attract clients from all over the world.

Why Yenisey?

The implementation of large-scale construction projects requires the clear-cut organisation of works, tightly-welded team of true professionals, own sources of investment, and good production capacities. 

Thanks to the invaluable practical experience and tremendous efforts on the part of all business participants, we have the impressive portfolio of already completed projects that fully demonstrate our competence. 

Years of professional activity in the field have shown what the success of our construction business consists of: First of all, you need to love what you do.

That’s why,
Yenisey is much more than a house!

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Our employees

Employees of the company are experienced architects, engineers and designers who have higher specialised education, as well as full understanding of a house where people want to live, and design residential complexes to comply with all modern norms and standards, wishes and needs of our clients in mind.  
They are also builders and head foremen who perform and control construction of buildings quickly and efficiently; marketing experts, lawyers, sales managers, office managers and drivers, each responsibly and creatively approaches every task, giving guidance to buyers when they purchase real estate from the developer in Alanya.  
The variety of projects in our portfolio allows us to choose the best housing option for a client based on their needs and budget.

Президент компании
Serkan Açik
Финансовый директор
Tatiana Chueva
Менеджер по продаже недвижимости
Emil Guliyev
Менеджер по продаже недвижимости
Deniz Şimşek
Дизайнер, координатор головного офиса
Larysa Kriuchkova
Jane Blinova
Менеджер по продаже недвижимости
Gulnaz Ishmuratova
Менеджер по продаже недвижимости
Alexandra Okorokova
Менеджер по продаже недвижимости
Kamerhan Özbek
Руководитель Отдела Послепродажного Сервиса
Yunus Özbek
Руководитель Отдела по Обслуживанию Клиентов
Özcan Koç
Murat Bilgin


Mahmutlar Mahallesi,
130 nolu sokak no: 6/A-B
07450 Alanya / Antalya
Summer season:
Mon~Fri: 9.00 am ~ 7.00 pm Sat: 9.00 am ~ 6.00 pm Sun: Day off
Winter season:
Mon~Fri: 9.00 am ~ 6.00 pm Sat: 9.00 am ~ 5.00 pm Sun: Day off

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