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Features of the layout of Turkish apartments

Features of the layout of Turkish apartments


Apartments in Turkey, particularly on its Mediterranean coast, occupy one of the main real estate market segments that attracts buyers from all over the world. Of course, purchase of this kind of property with such a big variety of options may cause some difficulties and questions from the applicants. Therefore, we’ve prepared some relevant and reliable information regarding the features of the layout, number of floors, total area and other details of Turkish apartments on the beach.

квартиры на берегу моря в Турции

Number of rooms

In the Turkish Republic, the number of rooms is not indicated in the same way as residents of the CIS countries are accustomed to. Therefore, when studying catalogs on home sales websites, many are wondering what the notions 1 + 1, 2 + 1, etc. stand for. For apartments in Turkey, it is common to divide rooms into bedrooms and living-rooms. That is, the figure in the first place indicates the number of bedrooms, and in the second – living-rooms. For example: an ordinary two-room apartment in Russia would be designated as Turkish 1 + 1, and so on by the similar principle.

We cannot but mention one more detail. Since 2017, the construction of studio apartments in Turkey has been prohibited by the law, based on the fact that this living space is not suitable for a fully functional and quality living. Such micro-apartments with the total area of ​​about 20 sq.m. are currently quite difficult to find. For example, in Alanya, such housing is rarely found in the primary market, and in Antalya - only available as secondary housing.

The minimum total area of ​​1 + 1 apartments is 28 sq. m. and, in fact, the owner gets more spacious rooms where it is much more pleasant to spend time. Based on the experience of real estate brokers, many buyers do not see the point in buying a secondary studio because they can find the perfect housing in a new building at a very reasonable price.

3 + 2 and 4 + 2 layouts are typical for penthouses or villas related to premium real estate.

квартира в Турции

The popularity of duplex houses or duplex apartments

A significant part of the Turkish real estate in resort areas (in particular, on the Mediterranean coast) is occupied by duplex apartments or duplex houses. As a rule, in such apartments two or more bedrooms are provided.

There are several options available:

  • Duplexes located on the upper floors of a building (often one of them would be attic) with the best panoramic views, if this is the case of penthouses in Alanya, Antalya.
  • Duplexes located on the first and second levels.
  • Duplexes located on the first and ground floors of the house.

The advantage of the last two options for international buyers is the separate entrance that makes the apartment more detached, as if it were a small house on its own at a budget price.

Large single-level apartments with four or more bedrooms are provided in luxury apartment buildings in the primary real estate market. However, these days it would be difficult to find an apartment of this kind.

Layout solutions for duplexes can be different. Sometimes, a guest bedroom or a master bedroom are located downstairs, the other rooms would be upstairs.

Some apartments include a kitchen on the second level or an additional kitchenette near the exit to the spacious terrace, which is incredibly convenient for all fans of barbecue picnics with friends.

двохуровневая квартирамв Турции

About calculation of the total area

The total area of ​​an apartment in Turkey is the total number of square meters along the outer perimeter of the room. This not only includes the rooms themselves but also a balcony or a terrace, the thickness of the walls, as well as the part of the space shared between all the owners. It is important to understand that the sq. m. indicated on the website will differ from the expected size of an apartment by approximately 20%. However, this feature is by no means a way to deceive potential clients from abroad. This is just a generally accepted measurement system and it is based on Turkish law according to which the land under a building, as well as all its common parts should be evenly divided between buyers.

How to find exactly the same area a client is looking for? Everything is very simple - these services are included in the special offers from agencies and developers - so-called free familiarization tours. Thus, when choosing an apartment, a buyer will be able to check its actual size on the spot.

недвижимость в Алании

Layout of apartments in Turkey and its similar characteristics

In Turkey, there is no such a thing as a standard layout. It all depends on the wishes of the developer and the category of housing. However, there are some general characteristics that will help you in your search for the ideal apartment.

The largest room is always a living-room. Bedrooms are small, intended for sleeping and relaxing. Now, in new residential complexes, dressing rooms are provided, which significantly increases the comfort level of the owners.

On the market, there are apartments where, according to the layout solution, a kitchen is combined with a living-room. It means there are different zoning options regarding a part of the room for cooking, and a part for dining and relaxation. Such options are quite common in apartments located on the Mediterranean coast.

A similar feature of layout solutions concerns the number of bathrooms which depend on the number of bedrooms. So, for two bedrooms a bathroom and a guest bathroom can be provided. The same applies to the apartments with large total area and many rooms - number of bathrooms should be enough for comfortable living.

Literally, in resort area of Turkey, there is not a single apartment that can do without a spacious balcony or terrace.

балкон в квартире в Алании

This is all thanks to a favorable climate that one would want to spend their free time on the balcony. The owners put furniture there to relax, as well as plants, sun loungers and even barbecues. Yes, one can turn their balcony into a fully equipped barbecue area. However, now only residents of the upper floor are allowed to do that so that the smoke doesn’t disturb anyone. All other residents are welcome to chill in the premises of the complex intended for recreation.

If you are considering buying a good apartment in Alanya, please, feel free to contact us. Being the leading developer of the region, the YENISEY construction company can offer its customers best layouts in beautiful modern residential complexes by the beach.

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