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How to buy an apartment in Turkey without intermediaries

How to buy an apartment in Turkey without intermediaries


For most of us, buying an apartment is an exciting and long-awaited event. Acquisition of property abroad is a double exciting and enjoyable step which, however, requires a lot of effort to make this dream come true. Nevertheless, it’s worth it as it may bring to its owner many pleasant minutes and joys in future, as well as some good dividends.


Recently, houses and apartments by the sea located in the resort regions of Turkey have been especially popular. Nowadays, everybody knows about the advantages of Turkish real estate - superb location with favorable climate and three hundred sunny days a year combined with some of the best beaches on the planet, plus excellent construction quality, high liquidity square meters, simple transaction processing, a wide range to meet any budget – all these and much more attracts the great number of international buyers to the Republic of Turkey.

As a rule, the main cause for concern for future owners is the purchase and sale transaction. Of course, the value of the property is quite high and there are always some risks associated with the lack of knowledge, specific details and loopholes of the legislation of another country, possible loss of investment. To minimize the risks, many foreigners resort to the help of real estate agencies, which provide full support for the process of preparing and signing of the contract for a certain fee.

How to buy an apartment without an intermediary – possible options

You can buy real estate in Turkey without an intermediary using two options:

  • in direct communication with the owner;
  • buying an apartment from the developer.

In the first case, we are talking about the secondary market, when an applicant independently searches for information on the Internet. Upon a request "how to buy real estate in Turkey without agencies" one is given a series of ads on specialized sites. Of course, this option in the absence of knowledge of Turkish and English might be troublesome and is likely not to give the expected result. The time spent on searching and traveling, the risks associated with dishonest direct sellers, agents, and the lack of knowledge of the law are unlikely to be offset by savings on the services of a real estate broker.

Buying real estate in Turkey from a developer is by right considered one of the safest ways to purchase high-quality real estate.

Недвижимость в Турции от застройщика

Property in Turkey from the developer - advantages

There are several key positive aspects of such purchase:

  • In the resort regions of Turkey (for example, in Alanya), new apartment buildings by decent  developers are being built using cutting-edge technologies and high-quality construction materials which allows future owners not to worry about safe living and eco-friendly environment.
  • By investing at the stage of construction, one can save significantly (up to 30% of the total cost of housing).
  • Many developers offer interest-free installment payments.
  • Turkish developers are trying to carry out all construction works and commissioning on time which allows the clients not to worry about the deadlines. Clients won’t have to wait for too long before they can move in to their new apartments and just plan their vacation by the sea.
  • The stage of completion of most apartments is “turnkey” (with furniture, plumbing, decoration, household appliances, etc.), or simply with finished decoration, so one could throw a housewarming party in a short time with minimum effort in arrangements - this is what YENISEY construction company in Alanya is willing to please its future residents with.  

  • As a rule, luxury residential complexes have a pre-planned infrastructure operating directly on the premises. The services include swimming pools, gyms, Turkish hammams, SPA-salons, playgrounds for children, recreation areas, barbecue, 24-hour security. The YENISEY takes care of its residents, so our residential complexes also has the service company that will monitor the state of the infrastructure and provide other utilities.
  • Good layout and a variety of apartment options - from luxury penthouses on the upper floors to standard 1 + 1 apartments.
  • The purchase and sale scheme is established from "A" to "Z" at the state level and allows you not to worry about protecting the rights of a buyer and seller.

If you are considering buying an apartment in Turkey without intermediaries, feel free to contact us, the YENISEY construction company. Being the leading developer of Alanya, we are ready to offer our customers the unique architecture of residential complexes, excellent construction quality, distance to the sea from 50 to 200 meters and the best conditions for the purchase without any risks.

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