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The construction progress report of our elite residential complex Yenisey Palace

The construction process of our favorite residential complex is continuing in active mode now.

At the moment, there is placing a concrete base at the 4th floor of residential complex, from there a tremendous panorama to the Mediterranean Sea is opening. Let’s imagine how you watch a sunrise with cup of coffee in your hand at the terrace and deeply breath a healing sea air.

Many of our customers wonder whether there had been any changes in our apartments’ prices in this posh residential complex? Of course, the price at the initial stage of construction is much lower than the price when the residential complex is fully completed. Now the price is at the same level but in the nearest future the price will be changed  it will be increase approximately by 15%), and in the end of construction also by 15% up. That’s why if you would like to buy an apartment in our elite residential complex Yenisey Palace on the first coastline in Alanya with the profit, we recommend you to book your favorite apartment right now.

More information about residential complex Yenisey Palace you can find on its description page.

We invite you to visit us in sunny Alanya and we will show you all our complexes and take a tour to the construction site for you.

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