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Tips for Renting a Car in Turkey

Tips for Renting a Car in Turkey


Turkey is popular among foreign tourists over the years, that is quite reasonable. Main reasons for the popularity of resort region there are:

  • Geographical location that allows not only faster but also allows very easier to reach it from many countries.
  • The warmest Mediterranean and Aegean seas, the swimming season opens here in April.
  • A good selection of hotels for every taste and every purse, in most cases hotels have a program of all inclusive and another plenty of different entertainments.
  • There are great pebble and sandy beaches.

Many foreign citizens, especially those who want to move and buy property in Turkey for permanent residence, want to learn more about this beautiful country, so they go on a trip to the most interesting regions of Turkey. One of the smartest solutions would be to rent a car in Turkey. There is a fairly large area, unique archaeological sites, natural and historical sights. Therefore, if you would like to travel by public transport is quite tiring and difficult. If you want to see a maximum of interesting places, you have to rent a comfortable car. How to do it right? We will talk about it in our article.

аренда авто в Турции

Basic characteristics and features of a car rental in Turkey.

What exactly do you need to rent a car without risk and with profit in the Republic of Turkey?

Firstly, you need to know all options to rent a car. It can be special websites on the Internet (it’s often the easiest, cheapest and most reliable way), specialized companies, services provided by hotels and at airports. As a rule, the last two options are the most expensive ones.

Secondly, you may need to bring different documents for processing:

  • A valid passport and driver license. In some cases, a credit card is required. You also need a document that contains information about your car. The driver must not be less than 21 years old. Some companies at their discretion (in particular, for premium vehicles) significantly increase the number of years and driving experience, thereby insure themselves.
  • Before a sign a rent contract you have to carefully studied it.
  • A deposit should be made, the amount of which varies depending on the class of car and the provisions of the rental company.

• There is an act of provided and acceptance of cars drawn up, where is indicated the condition of the car at the time of transfer (It can be scuffs, dents, cracks and other defects). All visible violations must be indicated, because upon delivery it will be impossible to prove that it was not did by you.

аренда автомобиля в Турции

Helpful advice!

Some experienced tourists prefer to shoot video on their mobile phone when they are inspecting a car. So, they have one more indisputable proof of car's overall appearance in a process of getting it.

  • After you signed the act, the full cost of the rent should be paid according to the pre-agreed term of car usage. Sometimes rental companies offer another scheme, when a customer pays only a deposit and a rest of amount in day when a car is returned. If there is a deposit, you will need to give your bank card number or deposit amount will be blocked on a card and return back after the contract is signed.

Car rental in Turkey - additional recommendations.

As for the return of a car, there are a few rules that need be considered.

For example, after an expiration a time usage of a rental car, it should be taken back only fully-fueled. The car must be clean, without breakage, dents, scratches. If the petrol tank is incomplete or if new defects will be discovered, you have to pay a fee according to the price list.

If you return the car ahead of schedule, the recalculation will be made but one day more will be added. In case of the delay, even for an hour a rental company add you a whole day for the delay.

It is important to know if the driver had an accident through no fault of his own and police can prove it, he won’t have to pay anything to the rental company. All costs are covered by insurance. Otherwise, all repair costs and the brunt of the responsibility fell on a driver shoulder.

Try asking about hidden fees and payments. In particular, about the paid HGS ticket, which is issued for toll roads, as well as about 24-hour car maintenance service. We advise you to have always with you a copy of your contract.

Parents have to clarify the opportunity to get a child seat in advance, because it is not always available. Pre-reservation of car is actual if you are trying to make your reservation online.

аренда автомобиля в Алании

Small-business firms sometimes ask for your passport as collateral. Do not give it, as your identity document must be with you during all traveling abroad. A copy of passport will be enough in such cases.

We also recommend you to check an amount of petrol in tank, just in case. You have to choose trusted companies, read customer reviews on the Internet (fortunately, today there are a lot of forums and chats on this subject). As a rule, small offices do not care too much about their reputation, so there is can be problems with them, for example, you have to pay penalties for defects that were not found during the inspection or for almost imperceptible scratches.

Among competent companies in this category of service, Economybookings and AutoEurope are the most popular.

What is included in renting a car cost?

  • Car with a full tank of petrol.
  • An insurance policy in case of a traffic accident.
  • Comprehensive insurance that helps pay to replace of repair your vehicle if it’s stolen or damaged in an incident that’s not a collision. According to the law, the damage can be compensated in full.
  • Assistance on the road in case of force majeure situations.
  • For an additional fee, you can rent a child car seat, a navigator or other things.
  • Some companies include a cost of toll roads. Alternative option: you will be given a card with pre-paid amount and you can pay it back later.

There is a kind of franchise of insurance policy. The rules do not cover cases of driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs– the insurance is not valid in such cases and you should be paid all damages by yourself. 

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