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What is an “Aidat” in Turkey?

What is an “Aidat” in Turkey?


Potential customers, who are thinking about buying a property in Turkey often ask themselves what is an “aidat” and what should it be paid for? Let’s look into this important topic in more detail.

It goes without saying that accommodation expenses are not finished after you finalize the sale agreement in Turkey. As in any other countries, you should properly maintain your home, pay your utilities, cleaning and security services and others.

Плата за обслуживание комплекса в Турции

An aidat means «contributions» or «fees» in translation from Turkish. In fact, it is a monthly maintenance fee which includes the following elements:  

  • Usually, there is a caretaker in residential complexes. The caretaker (“kapıcı” in Turkish) has a sort of general caretaker role and takes care of garden, meet visitors, takes care about inner facilities, keeps order and stays in contact with residents of complex.
  • As a rule, each residential complex has one or two elevators. An elevator is available even in 2 or 3-storey resedential blocks. It is usual here to carry out technical inspections that covers by an aidat fee payment.
  • The same situation is regarding to a standard infrastructure of modern residential complexes: saunas, swimming pools, water slides, playgrounds, relaxation zone, gyms, ladders, floor stairwell, lobby and so forth.
  • Qualified staff keep a place clean every day. Disinfection of a swimming pool is a must for a guarantee of safety, as well as health of residents. As a rule, water from the swimming pool is taken for making a sanitary control and epidemiological surveillance every week too, after that there drawn up the act.
  • All expenses for cleaning and maintenance of residential complex are included in an aidat. It is worth mentioning here that an aidat includes fuel, which is used for work of electric generator.
  • Another important point of expenses is maintenance of the garden area, green landscapes, lawns, hedges, flower beds and trees. Therefore, many residents are inclined to believe that the purchase of plants, fertilizers and gardener service include to Aydat.
  • If necessary, an aidat also includes all expenses for engineers, repairmen, fitters. We would like to point out that expenses for additional equipment, lighting, inventory and other needfuls for public use also included there. Such questions usually discuss at general meeting of owners’ residential complex.
  • In most cases, a residential complex has an accounting specialist, who helps to make payments, prepares cash flow reports for residents and a construction company.
  • An aidat also includes a monthly wage of security guards if it provided in a residential complex.

недвижимость в Алании

Summing everything up, main expenses for the residential complex maintenance are:

  • Salary, clothing, food, social insurance, staff bonuses.
  • Technical service of communications, infrastructure, elevators, gardener services.
  • Current costs such as the garbage disposal, the lighting of public areas, water for the pool, showers and toilets, the provision of Internet traffic, supplies for lawn mowers, generators and other equipment, insurance, salary of an accountant.
  • Unforeseen expenses are repair and construction work and another.


How to calculate Owner’s an aidat fee? 

In this case, everything is pretty simple and clear. All expenses for maintenance and service are summarized and split up between all owners equally. It is also worth mentioning an important fact: An aidat is identical for all owners and it DOES NOT depend on the type of apartment and its size, so far as everyone use service of maintenance and infrastructure equally. For example, let’s consider the Yenisey VI residential complex in Alanya. For any apartment, whether it is an apartment 1+1 layout with an area of ​​66.3 m2 or an apartment 3+1 with an area of ​​215.7 m2, the monthly fee for an aidat is 30 euros / month. This price includes: complex security, video surveillance, gardening, a playground, a barbecue area, the using of a pool, water slides, a fitness room, a sauna, a generator and their constant maintenance, as well as the salary of kapıcı.

Жилой комплекс в Турции

The decision about the amount of the monthly payment is taken at the meeting of residents, as well as the currency in which it will be paid - euros, dollars or the equivalent in Turkish liras. Of course, the amount of costs can vary to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the tasks. Sometimes owners, wanting to save some money, take on themselves some work.

An aidat is paid every month, despite on the owner is in the country or is not. Payment can be made either monthly or in advance for several months or for a year.

If there is a debt or non-payment by the government and service organizations, steps have been taken in the form of penalties, fines, opening of court cases and refusal to extend a residence permit until all debts are paid off.

In addition to an aidat, the owner pays utility bills for electricity and water.

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