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Partnership with Yenisey company

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For agents and agencies

Yenisey is pleased to expand its network of partners. It is open to new cooperation at the international level and offers a form of collaboration on the most favourable conditions: signing of an official contract, openness and transparency of all operations, the highest commission fee, respect and care for each new client, as well as our experience and impeccable reputation in the Turkish construction market. 

We highly value relationships with our long-standing partners and have been strengthening them for years.

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For investors

We offer participation in construction starting from the business idea and search for a suitable land plot up to the commissioning of a finished property.
Yenisey Construction Company provides services to investment funds, private investors, property owners, tenants, construction and development companies, asset management companies and other organisations. Our long-term experience in gaining steady returns, expertise of employees and meticulous organisation of the entire chain of works together with your desire to make a profitable financial investment are the absolute guarantee of successful joint undertakings in the construction field.
If you are interested in cooperation, please send your request, and we will contact you to provide the necessary information.

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Equity investment

The sky is the limit is the main principle of our company. We believe that an active search for new ways of interacting with business partners and building mutually beneficial cooperation is the important part of development. One of them is to attract companies and individuals interested in a profitable construction business: 

  • Commercial real estate: investment in the purchase of liquid commercial real estate (retail and office space). The location of our objects ensures good traffic and stable demand from tenants.
  • Apartments in residential complexes at the initial stage of construction go at a special price with the aim of reselling after completion of construction. Profit from resale varies up to 30 % of the initial cost.
  • Turnkey construction service: customised villas, SPA hotels with a developed design project.
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