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Services of Yenisey company

Yenisey is a client-oriented company. In our work, we use a personal approach, take into account individual needs and preferences of our clients, and build trustful, friendly relationships. 
We meet and exceed the client's expectations with our services. The company management is ready for an open talk, flexible and eager to help when a customer is asking for a change, and constantly improves the service. These are the main priorities in our work. 
When buying property from Yenisey, you can benefit from a set of exclusive options that go beyond the purchase stage. Meeting the multiple needs of customers is of utmost importance to us.  
Yenisey is much more than a house.

Service tour

We invite you to take a fascinating service tour to sunny Alanya

A service tour is an integral and fundamental part of buying property abroad.

You can view photos and read information to your heart's content but it is a service tour with our representative that will help you learn more about Alanya, its attractions, locals and their lifestyle, as well as visit the real estate you are interested in.

As part of the trip we provide:
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Assistance in booking air tickets
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Sightseeing tour in Alanya
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Meeting at the airport, personal VIP transfer
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Presentation and viewing of Yenisey’s real estate
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Accommodation in apartments in one of our complexes
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Consultation on real estate ownership registration procedure

All of these are free. You pay only for the flight.

Alternatively, if you decide to visit Turkey on your own and just want to meet with us, we are happy to show you our real estate at any time convenient for you. Like in the service tour, you will receive as much information and impressions.

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Transaction support and paperwork

We know how our customers value their time and are ready to offer professional legal assistance in preparing for the purchase and sale transaction, as well as at the stage of paperwork. 
With our reputation as an experienced and reliable developer, you will not have to worry about current organisational issues. All you will have to do is to enjoy buying property in Turkey.

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Sale of turnkey apartments

Yenisey takes care of its customers and understands their needs, offering turnkey spacious apartments with high-quality appliances, furniture and décor, where each interior detail is lovingly thought out, so you can enjoy a comfortable stay immediately after the purchase. If you buy an apartment with furniture and appliances, paperwork is included in the price.

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Free post-sale service

Yenisey’s modern residential complexes are oases of bright living space where you can find everything you need and even more. 
Nevertheless, we understand that our clients need help with arrangement and domestic issues after moving, such as cleaning, housekeeping, connecting meters, or buying furniture in Alanya shops. 
Our customer service department provides comprehensive free and unlimited support to all residents.

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Management and maintenance of complexes

By choosing the new houses from Yenisey, you get a lot of advantages: thoughtful layout and design, comfortable atmosphere, well-pruned territory, landscape gardening, developed infrastructure, and a wide range of services. 
All of these comprises the general housing mechanism that requires effective control and management. We have created our own professional team to look after our residential complexes and maintain outdoor space and public facilities. You can just enjoy your vacation and life in Turkey. 
If our clients wish to rent out their apartments, we are ready to help, too.

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Mortgage in Turkey

Living on the Mediterranean coast is a cherished dream for many foreigners. It may come true even for those who do not have the full amount of money sufficient to buy a property. We are talking about mortgage of real estate in Turkey, which will allow you to quickly obtain the rest of funds to pay for a new apartment. 
Yenisey Construction Company strongly supports and helps its clients in choosing a bank and taking a mortgage loan.

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Real estate exchange

Are you the owner of an apartment in one of the Yenisey complexes and would like to expand your living space? 
Yenisey Construction Holding opens up an opportunity to exchange your existing property in our complex for a new one, also in the Yenisey complex. Our qualified staff will inspect and assess your property and calculate the surcharge for a new one.

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Interest-free installment

Among many advantages of buying housing directly from a construction company, interest-free installments often play a pivotal role. In this case, a bank or an agency will not charge any interest from a buyer. A buyer pays only the apartment cost at the developer’s (i.e. Yenisey’s) initial price. 
We always try to satisfy our customers and make the payment system as comfortable as possible

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Assistance in obtaining a residence permit

Buying an apartment in Turkey is an important and long-awaited step. Many foreigners have already become full owners of comfortable apartments near the Mediterranean coast. The public authorities encourage owners from abroad in every possible way and offer a simple option to obtain a residence permit as a bonus for real estate investment. Our company is ready to provide comprehensive support to new members of the Yenisey family, give advice and help with obtaining a residence permit.

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Airport transfer

Yenisey will be happy to help potential buyers and owners in our residential complexes to arrange a transfer from/to Antalya or Gazipasa airports. 
You just have to notify us of the arrival date and flight details. Our staff will make sure that a comfortable car is delivered to the airport on time.

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